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Board meeting process, agendas and minutes

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The board of directors has regular meetings. This process sets out what actions need to be taken, what artifacts need to be produced and when this needs to happen.

The secretary of the Foundation for Public Code Vereniging is responsible for the preparation and continuity of the board meetings.

The secretary can be assisted in these tasks with:

  • tracking progress by board members on agreed actions
  • helping board members provide input in a timely and complete manner
  • minuting, noting and collating information that the board can use
  • helping craft a complete agenda

When what happens

2 weeks before the board meeting the secretary sends an email with the:

  • notification of upcoming meeting
  • request for agenda items and attachments, and announcement of the deadline in 6 days
  • overview of the open action items

One week before the board meeting, the secretary sends out the meeting agenda and all its attachments as 1 (printable) PDF to the board members.

The board meeting is minuted. The secretary is responsible for the minutes but can be assisted.

One week after the board meeting the secretary sends out 1 (printable) PDF with:

  • the decisions made (decision list)
  • the actions the board members agreed to perform (action list)
  • the notes of the board meeting (minutes)

After this has been sent an e-mail will go out to the staff with decisions they need to know about.

Board members may be sent an overview of the open action items between meetings.


The archive of the board will be kept on a secret shared drive.

The drive is accessible to board members whilst a member. Future board members can also see the historical archive. Access is also granted to those assisting the secretary.

The drive contains:

  • Next meeting folder for the next meeting containing the Agenda and attachments for the next meeting
  • To be removed folder for documents to be removed
  • Past meetings folder with in it for every meeting:
    • the agenda and attachments PDF as YYYY-MM-DD Agenda.pdf,
    • the minutes, decisions and actions PDF as YYYY-MM-DD Minutes.pdf,
  • Action points list tracker
  • Decision list decision tracker