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How we do assessments in the open

This guide


  1. Principles
  2. Steps

This guide is intended to help codebase stewards start assessment on a codebase that has entered the assess phase (see the lifecycle).


As much as possible, assessment should take place in the open and be done together with the community of the codebase.


  1. Get explicit approval to start an open assessment by asking the maintainer. Consider communicating that assessment is starting, preferrably by encouraging the maintainer to do it, and possibly on the blog as well.
  2. Create an assessment spreadsheet and link with the dashboard.
  3. Create an issue in the repository for the codebase that links to the spreadsheet (template).
  4. Start assessing.
  5. If the assessment makes discoveries that need to be solved before or during incubation, create issues for those in the repository for the codebase.
  6. If many issues get created, ask to setup a Kanban in the repository for the assessment with the columns Backlog, Assessment, Incubation, In progress, Done.