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  1. Introduction
  2. {public organization}’s partnership of the Foundation for Public Code
  3. Standard for Public Code
  4. What does partnership mean
  5. Partnership activities
  6. Partnership duration & Cancellation

Curly brackets indicate text that is not yet finalized or will be custom for each partner.


{public organization} is currently leading globally pioneering work on building technological infrastructure for public service delivery. {sentence about the role or interest of this organization in the ecosystem. Example: It both champions a series of international initiatives, while also building high quality open source products}.

The Foundation for Public Code Vereniging is a non-profit member-owned association of public organizations with a mission to enable public-purpose software and policy that is open and collaborative.

This will result in higher quality services for the public that are more cost effective, with less risk and more local control.

{public organization} and the Foundation for Public Code have explored how {public organization}’s pioneering work on open software development can be enhanced by becoming a partner of the Foundation for Public Code.

{Include relevant cooperation between both parties}. {Something about the relevance of this to the organization. What have they already done?}

{public organization}’s partnership of the Foundation for Public Code

In our most recent conversations, {all our contacts at the organization} have expressed an interest in having a partnership between {public organization} and the Foundation for Public Code.

{public organization} has the intention to have its codebases guided into certification as Public Code and stewarded by the Foundation for Public Code.

This will:

  • enable higher quality public services
  • enable the pooling of resources with other public bodies to share the cost of development, maintenance and upgrading
  • build in agility for future growth paths and innovation
  • make solutions more reusable
  • gain international exposure

Standard for Public Code

We define ‘public code’ as open source software developed by public organizations, together with the policy and guidance needed for reuse.

The Standard for Public Code gives public organizations a model for building their own open source solutions to enable successful future reuse elsewhere. It includes guidance for policy makers, managers, designers, developers and vendors. You can find the standard here: http://standard.publiccode.net/

The Foundation for Public Code certifies codebases considered for stewardship against the Standard for Public Code.

What does partnership mean

The goal of partnership is to create awareness about the global community of Public Code empowered organizations that pool resources and collaborate in the digital transformation of the policy and software of modern government.

Read more about what Foundation for Public Code stewardship means:http://publiccode.net/codebase-stewardship/

Partnership activities

{public organization} and the Foundation for Public Code will work together to identify appropriate codebases for codebase auditing, certification and stewardship activities.

Partnership duration & Cancellation

  1. This agreement is in effect from: {start date}
  2. Partnership cancellation
    • Either party can cancel this agreement by giving notice in writing
    • Cancellation will not result in any financial obligations towards either party