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  1. Board meeting reports
  2. Annual reporting
  3. Annual financial statement
  4. King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS)
    1. KBFUS annual report

We produce financial reports for different audiences throughout the year.

Board meeting reports

A concise financial one-pager is produced by the operations coordinator for board meetings. The one-pager gives an overview of:

  • The current cash position
  • Costs incurred
  • Runway
  • General information (depending on time of the year, e.g. updates on (new) funding sources, important budget changes and interim conclusion)

Annual reporting

As an ANBI, we are legally obliged to publish two kinds of reports: an annual financial statement (jaarrekening, see below) and an annual report (jaarverslag). The latter is a powerful piece of communications that shows how we deliver on our mission, achieve the goals set out in our policy plan, and celebrate our accomplishments.

Annual financial statement

The operations coordinator is responsible for producing the annual financial statement (jaarverslag), in close collaboration with our bookkeeper. The financial statement must include the following information:

  • The balance sheet
  • The profit and loss statement
  • An additional explanation

The financial statement must be published on our website within six months after the end of the financial year.

Template for our annual financial statement.

King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS)

We opened a fund at the KBFUS to facilite receiving gifts from US donors. The name of our fund is “Foundation for Public Code US Fund”.

The operations coordinator has log-in credentials to the grants interface where the fund is managed and reports can be filed. More information about the fund and how the process works can be found on the drive.

KBFUS annual report

The Foundation for Public Code needs to provide a narrative and financial report on the use of grant funds to KBFUS no less than annually and final reports upon completion of the grant period and until grant funds are expended in full. The reports should include a narrative account of how grant funds were used, what was accomplished by the expenditure of funds (including a description of progress made towards achieving the goals of the grant), and compliance with the terms of the Agreement, along with a financial statement and copies of any publications resulting from the grant.

The report should be signed by an authorized officer, and the financial statement should be attested by the responsible financial officer or a certified public accountant, and should reflect the categories stipulated in the attached approved budget. The report must include a reconciliation of all amounts spent for the purpose specified, with the total grant proceeds received. Detailed financial requirements can be found on our drive.