About the Foundation for Public Code

Using our space

This guide


  1. Principles
  2. Spaces
    1. Control space
    2. Focus space
    3. Breakout space
    4. Meeting space
    5. Lunch space
    6. Lounge space
    7. Event space
    8. Kitchen
    9. Mother and rest space
  3. Office code of conduct


Our office:

  • enables us to be in continuous contact with our outside community
  • supports different kinds of work, from collaboration to focus
  • is always ready to support the work that needs to be done inside it

We have an office because it enables a level of collaboration that is otherwise very hard to achieve. The office is one of the tools available to us to achieve our mission.

We are a community organization so working with those outside of our office is the main priority in how we use the space. We want the cost of collaboration with anyone outside to be as low as possible.

To get our work done we expect that people have different modes of operating and require different environments for different tasks. Our office is set up so that we can get our work done well.


These are the spaces we can have. We can assign different spaces to different uses. As we learn more about their use we can improve these policies.

Control space

The heart of our ongoing operations. Where most of our work happens. We’re in the same space to easily collaborate.

All staff that regularly work in this office have a desk in this space. Guests can work at the desks of staff who are not in.

Focus space

These spaces allow you to isolate yourself and work on a thing by yourself in relative quiet.

Breakout space

If you want to work on something together out of the hustle and bustle of the control space this is the place.

For conversations that shouldn’t be overheard by others such as job interviews or performance reviews, close the door and indicate the room is occupied.

Meeting space

Where we receive people and where meetings happen. Can be used for collaborations and workshops if the group is large enough.

Lunch space

The food space. Where we have our lunch and snacks.

Lounge space

A place to chill, have a coffee and relax for a moment. Come here for coffee and tea. If we had a water cooler, it would be here.

Event space

This space is meant for presentations we give to everyone. It has a projector and is set up for talks.


Where we store and make food.

Please put all dirty dishware in the dishwasher after use.

Mother and rest space

This space is primarily meant for pumping, and can be used for prayer and meditation as well.

Office code of conduct

Please remember to keep our office professional:

  • Tidy a space at the end of your use - remove cups and trash, put chairs back and leave the door open to indicate it is free.
  • When leaving the office, make sure your desk is tidy and connected so others can use it - help the cleaners and keep the office professional.
  • Don’t eat in any other spaces than the lunch space, except if you participate in a catered meeting in the meeting space.