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  1. How to request reimbursement for staff
  2. How to request reimbursement for contractors and volunteers
  3. How to reimburse for the operations coordinator

In order to achieve our mission we need to spend money. For larger institutional expenses we pay invoices from our bank account. For smaller expenses it’s more practical for staff to pay directly and then request reimbursement.

As a matter of professional bookkeeping practice we always have complete documentation for each expense. We also make sure that expenses are not only documented properly but also proper per sé. We actively strive to reduce the overhead of processing invoices, as well as reduce access risks.

Our remuneration policy describes what you can expense.

How to request reimbursement for staff

  1. Log in to your Tentoo NMBRS ESS (employee self service) account. If you haven’t received a login, email hr@publiccode.net - you’ll also need this to see your payslips!
  2. Open the menu and select ‘Mutation Forms’.
  3. Press ‘New mutation form’ and select ‘Expense declaration’ from the menu.
  4. In the form under type select:
    • ‘Declaratie onkosten’ for general expenses
    • ‘Reiskostenvergoeding’ for travel expenses
    • ‘Aantal Kilometers’ for travel in your own vehicle
  5. At ‘Start date’, fill in the date you incurred the expense.
  6. At ‘Value’, fill in the amount you’re requesting reimbursement for.
  7. At ‘Description’, describe your expense.
  8. Add a photo of the invoice or receipt - make sure this supports the full amount you put in ‘Value’.
  9. Press send to submit the expense.

The expense can now be approved by your manager and the accountant.

You’ll get a notification on your Tentoo NMBRS ESS (employee self service) app if:

  • there are questions about your reimbursement request
  • your reimbursement request is rejected

After approval the reimbursement is added to your next salary payment.

How to request reimbursement for contractors and volunteers

Contractors and volunteers should complete the expense form and email it to hr@publiccode.net together with the receipts.

How to reimburse for the operations coordinator

  • Employees can fill out an expense form through the Tentoo NMBRS website or app
  • Approval is done by the operations coordinator in the Tentoo portal
  • Step 1: “toewijzen” (assign), step 2: “goedkeuren / vraag om verbetering” (approve or ask for improvement), step 3: approval by accountant, which is someone at Tentoo
  • Approved expenses will show up at next salary stub and will be paid with salaries (untaxed)
  • For contractors and volunteers, the expense form has to be sent as a PDF and be accompanied by ‘proof’ (receipts etc) for each line item. Send all this to the operations coordinator: hr@publiccode.net.
  • The operations coordinator needs to check if the expenses are booked to the correct ledger number