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When sick

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  1. Can you go to work
  2. Call in sick
  3. Returning to work

If you are feeling sick you might not be able to perform your work, or even worse jeopardise the stability of the organization. When sick you might make important mistakes or you can be contagious and cause more staff absence. Foundation for Public Code staff are always paid while sick.

Can you go to work

If you feel sick then do not go to the office.

If you feel well enough to work, but there is a chance others might get sick from contact with you, work from home.

If for any reason you do not feel that you can perform your work at your usual abilities, it is important you recognise this and find work that is safe for you to do. You can discuss this with your manager.

Call in sick

On the first day of sickness you need to let us know you are sick before 9am. You can do so by mailing hr@publiccode.net. This is also true on a day you were planning to work from home or on a day you have booked as vacation.

The chief executive (or your manager) will inform your colleagues so that they can plan accordingly.

Returning to work

Let hr@publiccode.net know when you resume your regular work.

Please do this the afternoon before you plan to come back to work. Or when you are well again, even if the next day is not a work day for you.

You can always check in again the next day if you were too optimistic (and need to stay home a bit longer).

Alternatively, email the morning (when you resume work), at the latest.

This is important as the chief executive needs to end the notification of your sickness in the HR portal. This enables us to know you are back in and avoids action by the arbo-dienst.