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  1. Planning
  2. Booking

Due to the international nature of the work we do, working for the Foundation for Public Code involves traveling.

When you are traveling for work you are representing the Foundation for Public Code.


Please schedule your travel in the team calendar, so that your colleagues can see if they can expect to meet with you or call you while you’re away. Don’t forget to take time zones into account.


Book transportation according to our remuneration policy and keep in mind our procurement principles.


  • Make sure you have good connections as well as leaving time and space to settle into a hotel.
  • Traveling inside business hours might help you make sure you don’t have to go to bed without dinner before representing the Foundation for Public Code the next morning.
  • Make sure your accommodation has a stable internet connection and access to necessary facilities like an ironing board.
  • When attending an event, it might pay to have accommodation near the event in order to maximize participation. If several staff members travel to the same event, unless there are specific reasons not to, stay at the same place.
  • Book an accommodation where you know what to expect, so you are not faced by surprises.