About the Foundation for Public Code

Remote working at the Foundation for Public Code

This guide


  1. Information sharing
  2. Meetings

We’ve decided to change how we work to better support people working remotely. We’ll test this while Ben Cerveny is in California from December 2019 to February 2020.

Information sharing

  1. Always CC the relevant group email. Our groups are: stewards, membership, events, giving, invoices, hr, security, Amsterdam-office and everyone (includes everyone with an @publiccode.net email account).
  2. We’ll use Odoo Discuss instead of Gchat for office conversation. The channels should make it easier for someone in a different time zone to catch up with relevant conversations.
  3. We’re going to try to work Odoo-first for our secret work, so that we all have access and contribute to the same structured information.


  1. We’ll try moving standup to a time that everyone can make. If this doesn’t work, we’ll try an asynchronous written standup and recording our Amsterdam stand up.
  2. We’re moving our weekly tactics meeting to allow Ben to join us from California.
  3. To best support people away from the Amsterdam office for important meetings or events, we’ll:
  • map out what they’ll need at the meeting or event,
  • make sure people in Amsterdam and abroad start working together early enough so we’re prepared for the meeting (including contingency),
  • schedule a retro after each important meeting or event so we can improve the planning and remote collaboration.