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All hands

This resource


  1. Goal
  2. Preparation
  3. Agenda

This is a template agenda for our regular all hands meeting.


In this session, we make sure the important life signs of the organization are shared with everyone and that the whole team knows of changes that will impact them all.


If you are chairing this meeting you should prepare it fully.

Each meeting, someone (not the chair) is responsible for facilitating remote participation.


  1. New team members
  2. Any change that impacts staff
  3. How is growth going, growth metrics
  4. Community metrics, what are the asks/offers for the community
  5. How are we standing on the bigger strategies
  6. What is coming up on the calendar, what events are coming up
  7. The feedback we’ve gotten from the outside
  8. What have we achieved, outside of just what we’ve demoed
  9. Hiring
  10. Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats