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  1. Goal
  2. Preparation
  3. Agenda

This is a template agenda for our regular retrospective. Sometimes we use a different retrospective format when it’s a better fit for the situation.


In this session, we look back at how things went in the team and try to identify what can be done better, and identify next steps.


We’re going to talk about what went well and what didn’t, you can prepare this.

We’re going to give team members praise where it is due, so think about what people have done that was exceptional.


  1. Short opening.
  2. Write down (if you have not already) on post-its and keep them with you:
    • Notes on what went well
    • Notes on what went poorly
    • Notes of appreciation
  3. One by one everyone puts their notes on the wall explaining them. Whilst doing this the rest listens, no interruptions except for clarifying questions.

  4. 5 minute break.

  5. Group common themes together.
  6. Prioritise things to discuss together.
  7. Decide on actions to take, add these to the team backlog as issues.