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Prune the Standard backlog

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  1. Holding a backlog pruning session

Over time, unresolved issues will gather in the repository. In order to not forget important ideas and to not become overwhelmed by a huge backlog, we dedicate time to look through our oldest issues to see if they have been resolved, become obsolete or can be addressed in other ways.

This work is done during a backlog pruning session. The session is open for anyone to attend at https://meet.na.publiccode.net/backlogpruning. We aim to hold sessions monthly on the second Thursday of the month, but may skip them if the schedule is too tight.

Holding a backlog pruning session

  1. Before the session, tweet that the session is taking place. Refer to this page rather than giving the direct link in the tweet to reduce the risk of automated “zoom bombing”. Tweet template: Starting soon: we’re doing another open Standard for Public Code backlog pruning session, at 13:00 UTC. Come hang out with us: [link to this page] #StandardforPublicCode #govtech #FOSS.
  2. Start by reviewing the roadmap to see if it is still accurate.
  3. Check the notes from last month to see if there are issues to close.
  4. Go through the issues sorted oldest to newest, starting from where the last meeting left off.
  5. Publish a blog post with the results from the meeting that can be used for point 2 next month (example).