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Governance game workshop session proposal

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  1. Session title
  2. Session description
  3. Target audience
  4. Requirements
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  5. Time

This is a proposal for doing a workshop with the governance game at an external event like a conference or similar.

Session title

Governance track: Game session exploring how public organizations can maintain shared and collaborative open source software together.

Session description

Dodging calamity while managing code contributions from multiple vendors and agreeing on new features to co-finance - which card will you play next?

Target audience

Anyone who is interested in governance of collaboratively developed software. It works best with a group of people with mixed backgrounds and experiences including at least one developer and one civil servant.


  • A room large enough to fit all participants around a table.
  • 2-6 participants.
  • A table that participants can stand around and all interact with cards that are being put on the table.


The workshop can also be held with two groups at the same time if the room is large enough so that they can stand around a table each and not crowd each other. If so, the number of participants can be doubled (and the room needs to be bigger).


We suggest a 40-45 minute time slot. The game itself can be played in 30 minutes, whereas the remaining time is used for reflection of how it played out.