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How to run the ‘Mapping business models enabled by a codebase’ workshop

This guide


  1. Introduction
  2. Breakout workshops
  3. Closing


Work through the agenda, making sure the respective speakers have prepared their bits, and there is ample emphasis on openness and vulnerability, as well as giving each participant an equal voice.

Breakout workshops

Explain the canvas and make sure everyone has a chance to ask questions. Explain the online tool you are using, if required.

For each question, ask participants to add 2-3 post-its. After each round, take a step back, talk through the post its, cluster them, and ask the group to prioritise.

Try avoid a single organization, whether public or private, having more representatives in a group than other groups.


Invite each breakout group to give a short recap of the most important insights from their group. If there is time, invite individuals to give their closing remarks. Be sure to end with next steps where possible.