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Board meeting October 27th 2021

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  1. Review last meeting’s action points
    1. Action: Boris will draft a proposal to hire a ‘medewerker administratie’
      1. Follow up: Boris to work with Eric
    2. Action: Boris to plan a meeting with GoedopOrde and Eric
      1. Follow up: Boris plan a meeting with the bookkeeper and Eric, including walkthrough through the system
    3. Action: Boris to plan with Eric to do monthly salary run and payment
      1. Follow up: Eric to plan a meeting with Boris to do salary run and payment walkthough, update Tentoo on changes
    4. Action: Get a financial report on a regular basis in a structured format for easy publication
      1. Follow up: Eric to build concept template of a financial report to send to the bookkeeper building on the existing finance updates
    5. Action: Ben will make a statement of support or partnership agreement for approval by the board
      1. Follow up: Ben will build on the work Elena and the stewards did to make a partnership agreement
    6. Action: Boris will draft Memo for VNG on supporting the gemeente ecosystem and both a low and high engagement memo for Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties
      1. Follow up: Boris to prioritise a short term subsidie proposal from Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties
    7. Action: Ben pursue philanthropy & relationship with public administrations in North America through winter
      1. Follow up: Ben to include Latin America and reference translation of the Standard for Public Code in spanish
    8. Action: Ben proposes a set of deliverables with which to make an initial two-month contract
      1. Follow up: Ben to finalise contract to send Boris for uploading to Docusign and signing by Ben, Eric and Matthew
    9. Action: Discuss who to hire next in January
    10. Action: Ben will invite strategic council to add to the roadmap with the goal of informing the policy plan
    11. Action: Ben will post the roadmap link on about.publiccode.net
      1. Follow up: Eric and Ben will merge it
  2. Discuss current status
    1. Operations (Boris)
      1. Action: Eric to review merged conflict of interest and sick leave pull requests, deduplicate and reference authoritative sources
      2. Action: Eric to organize for Eric and Boris to respond to Employer Without Establishment set up
    2. Finance (Eric)
      1. Eric to work with Boris to prepare a salary structure proposal for the next board meeting
    3. Membership / Partnership / Philanthropy / Structural support (Ben)
  3. Any other business (All)
  4. Approve minutes from this meeting for publication (All)
    1. Boris approves these minutes
    2. Eric approves these minutes
    3. Ben approves these minutes
  5. Next board meeting is 11th of November at 10:30