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Board meeting November 30th 2021

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  1. Review action items
    1. Action: Boris will draft a proposal to hire a ‘medewerker administratie’
      1. Follow up: Boris to post the advertisement on LinkedIn
    2. Action: Boris to plan a meeting with GoedopOrde and Eric
      1. Follow up: Boris plan a meeting with the bookkeeper and Eric, including walkthrough through the system
    3. Completed: Boris to plan with Eric to do monthly salary run and payment
    4. Completed: Get a financial report on a regular basis in a structured format for easy publication
    5. Action: Ben will make a statement of support or partnership agreement for approval by the board
      1. Follow up: Ben will ask everyone where this process is at and how it can be advanced
    6. Action: Boris will draft Memo for VNG on supporting the gemeente ecosystem and both a low and high engagement memo for Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties
      1. Follow up: Boris will ask the stewards to draft something in English
    7. Ongoing: Ben pursue philanthropy & relationship with public administrations in North America through winter
    8. Completed: Ben proposes a set of deliverables with which to make an initial two-month contract
    9. Action: Discuss who to hire next in January
    10. Action: Ben will invite strategic council to add to the roadmap with the goal of informing the policy plan
    11. Completed: Ben will post the roadmap link on about.publiccode.net
    12. Completed: Eric to review merged conflict of interest and sick leave pull requests, deduplicate and reference authoritative sources
    13. Completed: Eric to organize for Eric and Boris to respond to Employer Without Establishment set up
    14. Completed: Eric to work with Boris to prepare a salary structure proposal for the next board meeting
  2. Proposal on staff salary structure
    1. Action: Eric to calculate the effect of this suggested policy on the burn rate
  3. Any other business
    1. Ongoing learning and self-improvement
      1. Action: Boris to formulate policy proposal for ongoing learning with support of the organization
    2. Policy for keeping property on offboarding: an employee can request an offer from the Board of Directors
  4. Approve meeting minutes
    1. Ben Cerveny approves
    2. Eric Herman approves
    3. Boris van Hoytema approves
  5. Next meeting