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Board meeting February 10th 2022

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  1. Review action items:
    1. Action: Eric to calculate the effect of the suggested salary policy on the burn rate
      1. Unchanged: Blocked on needing a meeting with the bookkeeper
    2. Action: Ben will revise the statement of support or partnership agreement based on the one sent to Montreal for approval by the board
    3. Action: Eric and Boris to renegotiate with Multiple Ventures BV for services in 2022
      1. Follow up: Eric and Boris to follow up with Multiple Ventures BV
    4. Action: Ben with help from Eric and Boris will work on a good framing for our work in North America in Quarter 1
      1. Follow up: Ben will propose a request for proposal and send this to Eric and Boris
    5. Action: Boris to engage law firm based on his email
    6. In April: Discuss who to hire next
    7. When the lockdown in the Netherlands ends: Boris to resume recruiting the ‘medewerker administratie’
  2. For discussion:
    1. Course work request
      1. Action: Boris to review the request with the submitter based on planning
  3. Approve meeting minutes:
    1. Ben Cerveny: Approved
    2. Eric Herman: Approved
    3. Boris van Hoytema: Approved
  4. Next meeting: 23rd of February, 17:30