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Board meeting April 6th 2022

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  1. Review action items:
    1. Action: Eric to calculate the effect of the suggested salary policy on the burn rate
      1. In the next quarter: reconsider the salary policy
    2. Action: Ben will revise the statement of support or partnership agreement based on the one sent to Montreal for approval by the board
      1. Follow-up: Re-approach partner onboarding process
    3. Action: Eric and Boris to renegotiate with Multiple Ventures BV for services in 2022
      1. Completed
  2. For discussion:
    1. Setting up Italian salary administration has still not been successful
      1. Eric to propose a new services agreement to continue as freelancer
      2. Eric to end the process of setting up the salary administration
    2. Letter from the chief executive indicated they can’t fulfil their role and their request for a new role
      1. Eric, supported by Ben, to offer Boris a new role focussed on developing European relationships
      2. Eric, with Boris, in a separate meeting we will make sure that for all the roles of the chief executive someone is responsible in the short term
      3. We’ll start looking for a new chief executive
  3. Approve meeting minutes:
    1. Ben Cerveny: Approved
    2. Eric Herman: Approved
    3. Boris van Hoytema: Approved
  4. Next meeting: Tuesday 26th of April 2022