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Board meeting May 12th 2022

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  • Ben Cerveny
  • Eric Herman


  • Boris van Hoytema
  1. Agenda:
    1. Admin backlog
      1. Update: Tentoo has stabilised HR and much of the administrative work
      2. Update: book-keeper engaged for the finacial aspects of the annual report
      3. Decision: continues as highest priority
    2. Who to meet with tax inspector, lawyer has advised us to send (at least one) Dutch speaker, person(s) must have a grasp of the administrative and legal state of the organization, person(s) must be able to confidently explain codebase stewardship
      1. Decision: Propose a video call with Claus to explain stewardship prior to meeting; Ben to attend with Dutch/English translating lawyer present especially to capture any new requirements
    3. Draft policy plan 2022-2024
      1. Decision: We will submit current draft of last year’s policy plan with the changes proposed, acknowledging potential lack of detail in the “Policy and plan of work” section. Next yearly policy plan will be derived from roadmap, which is recognized as living document of longer term planning (with the addition of points from the Chief Executive’s Vision in the 2019-2020 Annual Report), by the date of the general assembly.
    4. Membership of Province South Holland
      1. Decision: Due to the prioritization of Admin backlog, pursuit of membership status and dues collection with Provincie Zuid Holland is possibly deferred to after the general assembly
      2. Decision: Staff to investigate and advise board on whether we can waive the membership dues for 2021
  2. Approval:
    1. Ben Cerveny - Approved
    2. Eric Herman - Approved
  3. Next Meeting: Monday, 23 May, 11am - Eric to schedule