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Financial model for the Foundation for Public Code

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  1. Overview
  2. Membership dues
  3. Grants, subsidies and philanthropic donations

This content outlines the objectives of the Foundation’s financial model.


The Foundation for Public Code is a member-owned association. Its mission is to enable public-purpose software and policy that is open and collaborative.

We are currently largely financially supported by philanthropists who share our commitment to our mission. To prevent undue influence, all donations are unearmarked and go into our general operating budget, in compliance with our status as a Dutch public benefit organization (ANBI). See our philanthropy policy for more information about how we work with philanthropists and donations.

In the future, we aim to be primarily publicly-funded, with additional philanthropic support. The financial sustainability of our organization should be secured by membership dues and long-term subsidies, with philanthropic gifts used for additional activities such as awareness raising and ecosystem growth.

Our core funding is used to cover all operational costs such as: staff salaries, work-related travel, hosting and attending conferences and events, office expenses, and associated materials like the Standard for Public Code.

Membership dues

To achieve our mission, our operations prioritize long term sustainability for the benefit of our members. This means all core operations should be covered by membership dues.

Membership dues:

  • can vary between members
  • determine voting rights in the general assembly
  • can be paid in money, in kind or a combination of both
  • can change from year to year
  • are paid yearly

More information can be found in the governance model and articles of association.

Grants, subsidies and philanthropic donations

As our focus is on long term sustainability, our financial model should not rely on grants, one-off subsidies or philanthropic donations.