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General Assembly minutes, 28 June 2021


  1. 1. Proposal: new board member
  2. 2. Proposal: general assembly in the autumn
  3. 3. Policy plan 2022-2026
  4. 4. Progress measures for philanthropists
  5. 5. Any other business

Attending: Arnout Schuijff, Ben Cerveny, Boris van Hoytema, Eric Herman, Ivonne Jansen-Dings, Pieter van der Does Observing: Jacco van der Weerd, Elena Findley-de Regt

1. Proposal: new board member

The board of directors would like to ask the general assembly to appoint Eric Herman to the board of directors for an initial term of 1 year per Juli 1st, taking on the role of treasurer of the vereniging.

To clearly separate the director role from the staff role he has his employment contract will be reduced by 2 hours per week.

With this appointment, the board can resume its duties whilst it works on recruiting new high-profile board members. To facilitate this the board is forming a strategic council. Eric will focus on professionalization of the board.

  • The group discussed the need for additional future board members, as well as desirable profiles
  • The General Assembly agreed to the proposal

2. Proposal: general assembly in the autumn

The board of directors would propose to organize a second general assembly in the second half of the year.

The goal of this second general assembly is to decide on an updated policy plan for 2022-2026.

Alongside this, we would like this general assembly to have a program for a wider group of non-member stakeholders like public administrations, governments and other public collaborations to involve them in our future.

  • The General Assembly agreed to the proposal

3. Policy plan 2022-2026

The board of directors would like to invite the members to work with them on the updated policy plan for 2022-2026, which will succeed our policy plan 2019-2022.

  • Eric will lead a working group to create the policy plan. Ben and Boris offered to support.

4. Progress measures for philanthropists

During the General Assembly, Ben mistakenly confirmed that the Board had adopted the targets previously proposed. A review of board minutes after this General Assembly clarified that the board did not adopt these targets at the February 2021 board meeting, nor at any subsequent board meetings.

  • An update was provided on targets set for philanthropic renewal.
  • June 2021 progress against targets:
    • Target 1 (5 projects live and in production): 40% achieved
    • Target 2 (codebases or members in 3 countries): 33% achieved
    • Target 3 (coverage by one national and one international tier 1 publication): 0%
    • Target 4 (€100,000 funds publicly raised): €10,000 achieved

5. Any other business

  • Pieter raised corrections to statements made during the April 2021 Foundation for Public Code community call about new board members:
    • Pieter stepped down because he felt he didn’t have enough influence on the course of the Foundation
    • At the time Arnout resigned from the board, he had significant time available as he was no longer CTO of Adyen
  • Ben gave a short update on potential philanthropic donors he is in contact with