About the Foundation for Public Code

Measurable goals: December 2020 - March 2021

This resource

Until March 2021, we are working towards achieving the following four outcomes. Each outcome is informed by one or more indicators of success.

1. The Foundation for Public Code is a sustainable association of public organizations

Success indicators for outcome 1

1. Public organizations become members of the association, becoming co-owners and partaking in the General Assembly

  • Baseline: 0 members, 10 organizations in “lead”
  • Target: 3 members, 15 organizations in “lead”
  • Means of verification: membership contracts signed, membership pipeline documentation

2. Funds secured to finance the Foundation

  • Baseline: € 2 million
  • Target: € 3 million
  • Means of verification: philanthropic gifts received, payment requests sent, membership dues paid

2. Codebase communities we work with are more open and collaborative, with healthy and growing communities

Success indicators for outcome 2

1. Codebases under stewardship are reused by new public organizations

  • Baseline: Current number of implementations of the codebase
  • Target: 2 new implementations per codebase
  • Means of verification: number of public organizations testing or implementing a stewarded codebase

3. Public organizations benefit from being members of the Foundation for Public Code

Success indicators for outcome 3

1. Benefits (↓ cost, ↑ control, ↓ risk, ↑ quality) of working with the Foundation are described by members in quantitative or qualitative case studies

  • Baseline: 0 case studies
  • Target: 2 case studies
  • Means of verification: testimonials or statements on measurable benefits provided by members and published in case studies

4. Our audience experiences a consolidated brand, with accessible content that is useful, relevant, timely and inspiring

Success indicators for outcome 4

1. Request for 1:1 contact, including pitching codebases, membership, and tools increase

  • Baseline: establish baseline
  • Target: To be determined once baselines determined
  • Means of verification: tracking email and personal approaches, requests for our tools in preferred formats or languages, emails to info@publiccode.net, phonecalls

2. Being invited to speak at or contribute to others’ platforms (press, publications and events)

  • Baseline: establish baseline
  • Target: To be determined once baselines determined
  • Means of verification: events and communications calendar (proportion invitations vs we pitch)

3. References in government documents, recommendations and referrals

  • Baseline: 2 mentions in government documents, 1 policy referral, listed in civic-tech and tech resource lists
  • Target: 30% increase in mentions
  • Means of verification: list on publiccode.net, use for communications

4. Our community keeps engaging with us and grows

  • Baseline: no analytics
  • Target: set up analytics
  • Means of verification: tracking engagement through: recurring community call participants, being @’d in conversations, resharing our content, total numbers growing month on month

5. The Standard for Public Code is widely used and disseminated

  • Baseline: establish baseline
  • Target: track dissemination
  • Means of verification: code forks, Standard downloads, mentions