About the Foundation For Public Code

Codebase Steward, Community

The Foundation For Public Code helps makers of Open Source software used to solve problems in public organizations – such as governments and cities – build communities around their Codebases so that the Codebases can become stronger, more knowledge is shared across organizations and the quality of public services improves.

The Foundation For Public Code builds communities of developers, designers, policy makers, managers and other stakeholders around the Open Source codebases it has in stewardship.

As a Codebase Steward, Community for Codebases in our Stewardship you:

  • help connect members of communities
  • organise events and happenings
  • aide the development of governance of communities
  • make sure communities are healthy
  • enforce community policies such as Codes of Conduct
  • partake in the community

If you enjoy connecting a wide variety of passionate technologists and stakeholders that work for the public good with meaningful interactions as well as believe in Open Source as a collaboration method, this is you.

This is a full time role in our main offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Relocation possible. Compensation is competitive as well as in line with the public mission of the organization.