About the Foundation for Public Code

Codebase steward for product marketing

The Foundation for Public Code helps public organizations – such as governments and cities – collaborate on solving their problems by developing open source solutions which, when reused, become more cost effective, of a higher quality, more resilient, and more attractive to contributors.

In order to get a wider uptake for these codebases – that often compete with closed source software products – policy makers, management and developers in public organizations need to get to know the codebases and how to use them to solve their problems. As a Codebase Steward for Product Marketing you help:

  • make the codebase into a product
  • provide branding for codebases that they stand out from other – often proprietary – solutions
  • build the communications channels necessary for getting the word out
  • work to build a market for the codebase and the solution it provides
  • help others sell the codebase to their management, coworkers or clients
  • create a buzz around the codebase
  • partake in the community

This is a full time role in our main offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Relocation possible. Compensation is competitive as well as in line with the public mission of the organization.