About the Foundation For Public Code

Codebase Steward, Quality

The Foundation For Public Code helps developers of Open Source software used for public uses – such as in governments and cities – make their codebases high quality so that they are understandable, well documented, easy to work with and highly reusable.

We provide review of contributions to Codebases that are in Codebase Stewardship at the Foundation For Public Code in order to help developers build trusted and reliable software that can be widely reused and can foster a strong community. We test against the quality Public Code standards for code and documentation we set which aim to make Codebases understandable, reusable and community based. Our standards are high as well as opinionated to give trust the code can really serve as the infrastructure of society as well as continually improving with the changing world whilst keeping the choices of technology and architecture open.

As a Codebase Steward, Quality for Codebases in our Stewardship you:

  • reviewing pull requests and giving feedback on the reusability, documentation and integrity of the codebase
  • updating the standards for quality Public Code that we use to test for
  • partake in the community

If you enjoy working together with a wide array of developers to make Open Source codebases really shine as well as improve the role of technology in society, this is you.

This is a full time role in our main offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Relocation possible. Compensation is competitive as well as in line with the public mission of the organization.