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Vendor. Owner of a small software development company

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  1. Michel
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General Role Family Salary
40, Strasbourg Owner of a 10 people company that develops software for public organizations Married Depends on projects

Picture of Michel


  • Perfectionist.
  • Software crafter & eXtreme Programming.
  • Agile management.
  • Hard worker.
  • Versatile tech & manager.


Founded his own software company a decade ago, focused on supporting public administrations. Before that, he worked in several public entities. Not much experience working for other private companies.

He founded the company with his best friend, who has been there for him since kids. Quiet life with his wife.


  • Improving quality in the public sphere (80%).
  • Create a solid portfolio within public organisms (80%).
  • Teamwork (60%).
  • Certain flexibility to work in his own preferred times (late at night) (80%).


  • Become a successful business use case in public organisms.
  • Get more budget and a contract extension with the public projects they’ve been working with.
  • Get on with different actors involved in projects.


  • Unable to fully make his own decisions. Contracting parties don’t trust him 100%.
  • New tender to share the project with.
  • Lack of budget.
  • Big investment, big risk (one single client, specific working conditions).


  • Python & Open Source (80%).
  • Sprint planning (80%).
  • Testing (70%).
  • GitHub (90%).


  • Uncle Bob & Martin Fowler.
  • Linus Torvalds.
  • Other small tenders with a lot of trajectory in the public sphere.
  • Public Code.


  • Basecamp.
  • GitHub.
  • Tendernet.