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Adding a phone user

This guide


  1. Adding a user
  2. Allocating a VoIP account
  3. Adding a voice mail box

Adding a user

  1. Log in to the Voys management interface.
  2. In ‘Admin’>’Users’ press ‘Add user’.
  3. Fill in their details and invent a password for them.
  4. Email the new user their username and password.

Allocating a VoIP account

  1. In ‘Admin’>’VoIP accounts’ select the line to assign and change its name to who is going to use it.
  2. To associate this with a user as an outgoing number you can add it to their profile in ‘Admin’>’Users’ under ‘Telephony settings’.
  3. To associate this user with a new personal phone number you’ll have to add a ‘Dial plan’.

Adding a voice mail box

  1. In [‘Admin’>’Voicemail’] add a box.
  2. Add it to the ‘Dial plan’ of the number you want to use it for.