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Basic tweet template

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  1. When to use this template

Most of our tweets follow this format:

Audience hook question or statement - what’s the most interesting take on or valuable aspect of the thing we’re pitching? Call to action: join us/read/check out/verb the precisely-described-thing (if relevant: at date, time UTC and place. Joining details/find out more: URL

Our tweets are often accompanied by relevant images or emoji.

When to use this template

When suggesting something for social sharing, use this template to create a draft tweet or toot (for Mastodon). Also consider images, gifs or emoji. Note that Twitter’s algorithm prioritizes tweets with images or video.

Add a link to your draft tweet to column J of the communications calendar (not shared publicly).

This helps the communications coordinator by clearly providing basic facts. It also acts as the basis for a conversation about the best possible hook, timing of your tweet, or other communications activity we can plan around your thing.