About the Foundation for Public Code

How we handle videos


  1. Raw videos
  2. Published videos
  3. External platforms

When we generate videos, we have two ways of handling them on our own platforms. We use Google Workspace to store our raw videos for internal sharing and our Nextcloud to publish videos.

Raw videos

Raw videos that will be used for editing are stored and shared with colleagues on the Drive in Google Workspace. We have unlimited storage space.

Published videos

To publish videos on our own platform, we use Nextcloud. Create a folder named Shared folder in the files app to make it explicit that files in that folder are meant to be shared. Upload videos that are meant to be published to that folder. To make the file publicly accessible, click the share icon and then Share link to copy a link through which anyone can access the file. Note that our storage space is not unlimited, but we can increase the amount if you reach the limit.

External platforms

We also publish videos on our YouTube account and livestream to all our social media accounts.