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  1. The About repository and site
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The documentation of our work is core to our ability to deliver on our mission together with the community. In order to do this effectively we’ve made documenting what we do central to our process.

As a rapidly developing organization the information we have changes continuously. In order to always be able to access the most up to date information as well as be able to change it, we’ve centralised knowledge in one place: about.publiccode.net.

The About repository and site

About is the canonical source of truth for our organization. This means that the information on the about.publiccode.net website – a reflection of the main branch in the about repository – takes precedence over any other information.

We work according to GitHub flow, except for work that is versioned and deployed, in which case we use a GitFlow branching model.

Content types

In order to make it easier to navigate and contribute information we try to limit the types of content in About to three types:

How to add information to About

See also our trainings, which have tips on Github, issues, Jekyll, and more.