About the Foundation for Public Code

Folder structure of about.publiccode.net

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About has a folder structure that serves as a basic skeleton for our information.


  • activities: All of our activities and processes. These are interlinked and are often built on each other.
    • Inside of activities there is one folder per activity with its own index, resources and guides. These serve as the documentation shared by that community of practice. For example, the ‘supporting codebase governance’ activity may include workshops about that, while the ‘workshops’ activity has information about workshops in general, as well as links to our workshops (located in the folder for the activity they support).
  • contributor-guides: Explains how each user type can contribute. For example designers, developers or policy people.
  • glossary: The controlled terms we have a shared definition for.
  • organization: Core information on the organization such as the mission, statues and business information.
  • roles: We no longer use this. This used to house the roles we have in the organization, also known as job descriptions.

As any organization is formed by the information structure it is up to all of us to make sure we make the documentation we write for one specific use case easy to incorporate in other cases. When nesting becomes deep, consider breaking content up and using links to create connections.