About the Foundation for Public Code

Preparing a Standard for Public Code community call

This guide


  1. Set agenda
    1. Templated agenda items
  2. Invitations
    1. External
    2. Internal
  3. Meeting preparations

Set agenda

Together with the codebase stewards figure out if there is anything specific you want to discuss on the next call. As a help, take a look at the open issues and open pull requests in GitHub.

Templated agenda items

  1. Opening the call
    • Everyone introduces themselves and why they are in this call (all)
    • Short update from the Foundation for Public Code (chair)
  2. Substance of the call




Invite codebase stewards and other Foundation for Public Code staff that could be benefit from and to the call. Be clear in assigning roles/tasks to them so they know what is expected and have a chance to prepare for the call. Commonly used roles are:

  • the chair, who opens the call on behalf of the Foundation
  • experts leading specific substantive sections of the call (otherwise this is the chair)
  • the notetaker

Meeting preparations

The chair and the notetaker:

  • create a notes document on HackMD.io for this call
  • add “updates since the last community call” to the notes - keep this to three items or fewer (we want the community call to be a dialogue, not a broadcast). If possible, focus on updates related to this codebase, but other news relevant to the community are also fine. All updates should be linkable, meaning that they should already be published somewhere else
  • put these in the call notes document

Ask the communications coordinator if you need help with updates.

The notetaker will take notes during the call in the same document.