About the Foundation for Public Code

Staff and contractors

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  1. Domains
    1. Operations
    2. Communications
    3. President
    4. General management
  2. Coordination team
  3. Role qualifiers
    1. Lead
    2. Coordinator
    3. Chief

The staff of the Foundation for Public Code Vereniging are employees that execute the work agreed on by the general assembly under direction of the board of directors.

Some roles in our organization are fulfilled by contractors. For transparency, these are mentioned with the legal entity they bill through.

As we are a community leadership organization that mostly helps others, we aim for minimal hierarchy and overhead and maximal autonomy for the specialists who further our mission.

The staff consists of a manager, a coordination team and specialists.

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  • Coordinator operations: Claus Mullie
  • Codebase steward for community:
    • Jan Ainali
  • Codebase steward for product marketing
  • Codebase steward for quality
  • Codebase steward for support
  • Intern



  • Documentation, internal communication and organizational culture
  • Marketing and external communication
  • Member communications and events
  • Recruitment


  • Coordinator communications: Elena Findley-de Regt
  • Illustrator: Floris Deerenberg (contractor A Studio Called Quest)
  • Intern


The president is the main spokesperson for the organization. The president represents the organization in order to raise funds, grow membership and grow awareness of our work.


  • President: Ben Cerveny (contractor Multiple Ventures BV) who also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors

General management

The general management provides leadership as well as making sure the organization can operate. The chief executive is responsible for executing the work approved by the general assembly and board of directors as the highest manager in the organization. All staff report to the chief executive.


  • Hiring and HR
  • Value tracking and quantification
  • Procurement, office management and contract management
  • Finances, budget and resource management


  • Chief executive: Boris van Hoytema who also serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors
  • Lead value and finances: Mirjam van Tiel

Coordination team

The coordination team consists of:

  • Chief executive
  • Lead value and finances
  • Communications coordinator
  • Operations coordinator

Role qualifiers


A lead is a specialist that provides leadership and direction to others within their specialism as well as:

  • works to grow and develop the organization’s abilities
  • acts as the public advocate on behalf of everyone in that specialism
  • supports recruitment and hiring in their specialism


A coordinator makes sure that the domain in the organization can accomplish its goals.

They do this by:

  • coordinating the activities of specialists in their domain
  • supporting them in their work
  • managing external contractors and assets
  • fulfilling the role themselves


A chief is a manager with signing power granted by the board of directors.