About the Foundation for Public Code


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  1. Our value proposition for them

This group includes political leaders at these levels:

  • supranational (for example the European Union)
  • national
  • inter-regional
  • membership bodies (for example associations of cities)
  • provincial
  • municipal

Positive reasons for why they might be interested in our work:

  • translating policy changes into tech solutions
  • responding to public opinion becoming more critical of tech giants
  • having a place to preserve work before leaving office
  • increased ability to involve local partners and stimulate the local economy
  • getting access to higher level government funding

Negative reasons for why they might be interested in our work:

  • public data and processes are owned by private actors
  • poor resident experience is politically costly
  • companies evolve to rip off government
  • huge government IT projects have a high failure rate
  • political change resulting in the undoing of previous successes

Our value proposition for them

We enable:

  • reflecting policy accurately by tech implementation
  • increasing local control (technological sovereignty)
  • strengthening the local economy
  • building lasting value that transcends the political cycle