About the Foundation for Public Code

Understanding our users

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  1. Existing pain points
  2. Existing enabling policies
  3. Value proposition hypotheses
    1. Decision makers and sponsors
    2. Users and contributors
    3. Affiliates and partners
    4. Other interested parties
  4. Additional resources

The work of the Foundation for Public Code impacts a wide set of stakeholders. This set of resources helps to understand our users, and how our work does or may impact them.

Existing pain points

Existing enabling policies

  • Understanding the types of enabling policies that can help public organizations and civil servants

Value proposition hypotheses

These are hypotheses for the reasons why the following probable user groups may be interested in our work, and the value proposition we could offer them.

Decision makers and sponsors

Users and contributors

Affiliates and partners

  • vendors and the private sector
  • non-governmental organizations and non-profits aligned with our mission

Other interested parties

  • end users (residents and citizens)
  • journalists and academia

Additional resources

  • common pitches for different opening lines to use based on who your interlocutor might be.