About the Foundation for Public Code

Senior civil servants

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  1. Our value proposition for them

This group includes senior civil servants at these levels:

  • supranational (for example the European Union)
  • national
  • inter-regional
  • membership bodies (for example associations of cities)
  • provincial
  • municipal

Positive reasons for why they might be interested in our work:

  • distributing risk of development
  • increasing sense of ownership, pride or craft
  • enlarging communities of practice and share resources
  • facilitating re-approachability/reusability/maintenance
  • building trust and security in public services and underlying technology
  • public code is a way to fulfill their Sustainable Development Goals commitments

Negative reasons for why they might be interested in our work:

  • vendor lock-in leads to costly maintenance
  • policy changes are impossible to implement in closed, constrained software
  • software, contractor or genius employee can suddenly vanish
  • there is lack of technological sovereignty (tech dependence)
  • it is very hard to find tech talent in the public sector

Our value proposition for them

We enable:

  • easier implementation of policy into technology
  • higher quality public services
  • more cost-effective implementation, maintenance and upgrading
  • more agility for future growth paths