About the Foundation for Public Code

Board meeting October 5th 2022

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  • Eric Herman
  • Ben Cerveny


  • Boris van Hoytema
  1. Agenda:
    1. Future structure
      • Engage EU legal team to provide possible path to tranformation from vereniging to stichting, along with assesment that ANBI status will apply to our work in either form
      • Engage EU legal team and US legal team to clarify relationship possibilities and constraints between new or transformed organization and possible US Chapter or sister organization
        • oversight
        • funding
        • staffing
      • Engage US legal team to prepare for creating a non-profit Foundation for Public Code chapter or sister organization based in US
      • Draft job descriptions for a chief executives for current and possible new organization
      • Compile a survey of possible funding approaches to replace membership dues
    2. Process Code: Software Procurement
      • Retain US contractor to assist in website template design and production
    3. General Assembly
      • Prepare for potential 8 November date, pending input from legal teams
    4. Priorities
  2. Approval:
    1. Ben Cerveny - Approved
    2. Eric Herman - Approved
  3. Next Meeting: 8 November, potentially part of general assembly