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Board meeting December 12th 2022

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  • Eric Herman
  • Ben Cerveny
  • Boris van Hoytema


  • none
  1. Agenda:
    1. Future structure, US entity
      1. Action: Ben to research setting up and operating an independent US foundation (‘option 2’) and formulate a proposal
    2. Future structure, existing entity
      1. Action: Boris to research the possibility for an umbrella and local organization structure and formulate a proposal
    3. General Assembly
      1. communicate to members that we will postpone, target early Q1, and coordinate with the members for the exact time
    4. Priorities
      1. Current Priorities remain unchanged
  2. Approval:
    1. Ben Cerveny - Approved
    2. Eric Herman - Approved
    3. Boris van Hoytema - Approved
  3. Next Meeting: 22nd of December, same time