About the Foundation for Public Code

Board meeting January 11th 2023

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  • Eric Herman
  • Ben Cerveny
  • Boris van Hoytema


  • none
  1. Agenda:
    1. Change in Board composition
      1. Boris has stepped down from the board and will focus on new role
      2. This raises the priority of finding new board members
    2. Appointing Boris as interim chief executive
      1. Decision: Until a new chief executive is found, or June 1; this term can be moved with bilateral agreement
      2. Decision: Enable Boris to act on behalf of the organization for operational work so they can still do payments, salaries, etc.
      3. Decision: New role description for Boris: The Head of EU organization will further the mission with a focus on developing the work of the Foundation for Public Code in an EU context by setting up a local, European public code organization/foundation with the goal of “to support European Union public sector and the public sector of its member states in collaboratively developing open software and policy.”
    3. Future structure, US entity
      1. Decision: initiate the setup and operation of an independent US foundation (‘option 2’)
      2. Action: Eric to update Ben on runway and burnrate estimates
      3. Action: Ben to propose a cost cap for operation
    4. Future structure, existing entity
      1. Action: Boris and Eric to follow up on the gifts documentation and that they are correctly reported
      2. Action: Boris and Eric to explore possibility of restructuring current organization as an umbrella organization for chapters
    5. Future structure, EU entity
      1. Action: Boris to formulate a plan
    6. General Assembly
      1. Action: Propose a date and time for the postponed 2022 general assembly
    7. Priorities
      1. Current priorities remain unchanged
  2. Approval:
    1. Ben Cerveny - approved
    2. Eric Herman - approved
  3. Proposed next meeting: 1 Feb 2023