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How to write a community call notes blogpost

This guide


  1. At the top of the page
  2. Reworking the notes

Because they happen regularly, blogposts for community call notes have a standard layout.

This guide builds on information in:

At the top of the page

Make sure you:

  • format your title like previous community call blogposts
  • make sure your title is the same in both the H1 and the frontmatter
  • customize your frontmatter excerpt so it’s intriguing on the index
  • make sure your first sentence summarizes the topics covered

See an example community call notes blogpost.

Reworking the notes

We generally tidy the notes for readability and clarity. As we don’t promise a verbatim record, use your judgment to:

  • reorganize the notes so that the content flows logically for the reader (even if it didn’t do so on the call)
  • cut out digressions in the conversations, or simply mention that they took place
  • reword what people said so that their meaning is clear (especially if it took them some time to discover what they were trying to say)