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Community calls are a great way to enable knowledge sharing. The form of video calls allows for an informal and personal connection that can make space for testing thoughts in a way that is hard to do in an issue tracker. We help you get started with community calls for your codebase and may participate from time to time.

We organize a video call for our own codebases the first Thursday of the month (currently only the Standard for Public Code). The call lasts less than an hour and usually focuses on one topic. The agenda is shared before the meeting and notes are taken.

We also organize a community call focused on the Foundation for Public Code every third Thursday of the month.

The community call notes are published on our blog after the call. Call participants may review the notes before they’re published.

How to join our community calls

Sign up for community call invitations.

Guides for preparing, running and post-processing community calls

Standard for Public Code community calls

Foundation for Public Code community calls

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