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Post-producing a live stream

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When doing post-production of a ‘Let’s talk about public code’ live stream, there are some steps to remember:

  • Create an audio version of the podcast.
    • Download the audio files from Streamyard, either using the direct link when ending the stream, or by finding them in the “Library” later.
    • Use the Audacity project template to get started.
    • Cut out long pauses, coughs and other noise, but try to keep the content similar to the recording.
    • Adjust the short audio intro.
    • Adjust the outro music.
    • Compress and normalize.
    • Add labels and export them.
    • Export audio as mono channel mp3.
    • Add chapters to the mp3 file with this script.
  • Upload to Podbean, the operations coordinator can share login details through our 1Password.
  • Post a blogpost with the link to the video and the audio.
    • Include a request for feedback from the audience.
  • Update stream destinations.
    • Fix the tense in the language of the description.
    • If possible, add the recording to a playlist.
    • Optionally, add subtitles (can be created with Whisper AI and then checked for correctness).
  • Update Odoo by moving the card to the Produced column.
  • Send the guest a thank you email with request for feedback and links to the episode and blog post.
  • Some time after the show, take a look at the metrics (number of views, number of people that signed up, increase in number of leads that reach out to us later on, number of clicks on our blogposts, videos, audio, social media, etc.). Iterate, engage and act according to prior data.

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