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Managing a live stream

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When running a live stream of ‘Let’s talk about public code’ there are some steps to remember:

  1. Test everything before going live.
  2. Prepare tabs with easy access to moderation tools of the different platforms to be able to intervene in case of offensive commenting. Preferably, this is done by a staff member not in the actual interview.
  3. Meet with the guest in StreamYard 30 minutes before going live.
  4. Keep an eye on attendees’ questions and behavior: when are they connecting, which is the most successful platform and why, best timing, etc.
  5. When it’s time to start the stream, press Go live and quickly start the intro video.
  6. Start by only having the interviewers on screen.
  7. Remind the audience what the Foundation for Public Code does and how to contact us in an easy way.
  8. Present the guest and bring them on screen.
  9. Run the interview.
  10. Bring up interesting questions from the audience on the screen and read them out loud to the interviewee.
  11. Remember that there will be a podcast version afterwards, so make sure to explain things so that someone only listening to the show will understand (in case of shared screens or funny things happening on camera).
  12. The last question we always ask our guest is “Please name someone you think we should interview in our upcoming episodes, and explain why?”
  13. Remind the audience at the end of ways of keeping in touch with us.
  14. When the show is over start the outro video and quickly press Stop recording.
  15. Make sure that the guests stay in Streamyard until their audio has uploaded, or if they have to leave quickly, ask them to go to streamyard.com/upload later to finish uploading.

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