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Preparing a live stream

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  1. Who, when and what
  2. Platform preparations
  3. Communication
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When setting up a new live stream for ‘Let’s talk about public code’ there are some steps to remember.

Who, when and what

  1. Decide who will be the next guest
    1. In Odoo we have a project “Let’s talk about public code” with Ideas
    2. Discuss in the team who would fit as a guest (based on guest selection criteria) in the near future and make contact with them. Be clear with the expectations for the guest (that they should: read the prepared questions before the stream, arrive 30 minutes early, expect the interview to take ~1 hour, stay a few minutes after the recording to debrief)
    3. If the guest agrees, move them to Preplanning
    4. Decide the date and time of the stream and move the card to Next episode
  2. Prepare questions for the interview in a HackMD shared with all interviewers
  3. Share the questions with the guest so no delays happen and they can run it past their communications department if needed
  4. An ace up your sleeve: backup name in case the current guest can’t make it. Ideally, that person would be the next guest
  5. Update the running script intro and rounding off sections

Platform preparations

  1. Make a new intro video with the BumperScripter, adding the guest and organization
  2. Create a new preview image adding the guest and organization with the help of the preview image template
  3. In the week before the stream, create a new broadcast in StreamYard
  4. Upload the new intro video in Streamyard and remove the old one to avoid confusion during the stream
  5. Update banners with links related to the upcoming show
  6. When entering the podcast studio, make sure the settings under Recording are set to Record locally for each participant - Record audio only


Make sure these are ready at least 3 weeks in advance:

  • Text messages for social media. Use Planable for the scheduling of those
  • Images, videos and graphs that can be used in the communication
  • Social media campaign: short video with the guest if possible
  • Shared strategy with the stakeholders involved for every interview
  • Agreement from the guest to tag them and their organization(s) on all social media platforms we both use (confirm the correct account names)
  • Make sure Foundation for Public Code social media accounts follow the interviewee (if we don’t already!)

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