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Preparing a live stream

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When setting up a new live stream for ‘Let’s talk about public code’ there are some steps to remember.

Who, when and what

  • Decide who will be the next guest
  • Decide the date and time of the stream
  • Prepare questions for the interview in a HackMD shared with all interviewers
  • Share the questions with the guest so no delays happen and they can run it past their communications department if needed
  • An ace up your sleeve: backup name in case the current guest can’t make it. Ideally, that person would be the next guest
  • Update the running script intro and rounding off sections

Platform preparations

  • Make a new intro video with the BumperScripter, adding the guest and organization
  • Create a new preview image adding the guest and organization with the help of the preview image template
  • In the week before the stream, create a new broadcast in StreamYard
  • Upload the new intro video in Streamyard and remove the old one to avoid confusion during the stream
  • Update banners with links related to the upcoming show


Make sure these are ready at least 3 weeks in advance:

  • Text messages for social media
  • Images and graphs that can be used in the communication
  • Social media campaign: short video with the guest if possible
  • Shared strategy with the stakeholders involved for every interview

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