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The Foundation for Public Code is currently wholly financially supported by philanthropists who share our commitment to our mission. To prevent undue influence, all donations are unearmarked and go into our general operating budget, in compliance with our status as a Dutch public benefit organization (ANBI).

In the future, we aim for the Foundation for Public Code to be funded through a blend of structural funding, contract work and philanthropic gifts.

See our financial model for more information about our long term financial plans.

Working together with philanthropists

We value the experience, expertise and connections of the philanthropists who’ve chosen to support us.

Our donors have helped us scale, grow internationally and communicate for impact.

Philanthropists are not involved in our prioritization of activities or day to day operations.

See our governance model for more information about how the Foundation is governed.


We’ve received donations from:

  • Arnout Schuijff
  • Josh Elkes
  • Stewart Butterfield
  • Wordpress Foundation

Arnout is also one of our co-founders and previously held a position on the board of directors (2019-2021).

How to donate

Read more about becoming a donor or email us at giving@publiccode.net.