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Tool management and guidance

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  1. This is how we manage our tools
  2. Tool guidance
    1. Current tools
    2. Previous tools
  3. Website, DNS and VPS’es for self-hosted tools

The Foundation for Public Code needs tools to accomplish its mission. We use a variety of digital tools. Our tools range from being entirely self-managed, having service providers, to being completely externally managed. The operations coordinator is the system administrator of all the self-managed tools. They can create accounts and ensure updates happen regularly. The chief executive can do this as well. Most of these tools are used for our internal processes. Some are available to our community.

This is how we manage our tools

Tool guidance

Our guidance covers:

  • Instructions for users
  • How we manage the tool internally
  • The tool’s privacy and GDPR policies
  • How and where the tools are managed

Current tools

Previous tools

  • Miro (online collaborative whiteboard)
  • Planable (planning social media content)

Website, DNS and VPS’es for self-hosted tools

  • Our website is hosted with Jekyll at GitHub Pages
  • Our DNS records are hosted at Gandi
  • Jitsi and Mattermost are hosted at Digital Ocean droplets
  • Mailman and Nextcloud are hosted at Maadix
    • Maadix is configured to notify the group sysadmin@publiccode.net