About the Foundation for Public Code

How to staff at the Foundation for Public Code

This guide


  1. Useful tools
  2. Useful context

Our staff are expected to follow and uphold both the Community code of conduct and the Staff code of conduct. Make sure you are familiar with both.

Here are some important things to figure out in the first couple of days:

  • Using space guide - how we use the spaces in the office
  • Email - you should have an account, make sure you can send and receive
  • Team Public Code chat - say hello, we’re a welcoming bunch
  • Calendar - add your holidays to the team calendar
  • Manual of me - fill out your own and read the existing ones
  • Github - push a branch, make a pull request (maybe to improve this page!)
  • Splitwise - if you want to join the shared lunch groceries
  • Attend morning standup ritual that is in the team calendar
  • Attend sprint retrospective & planning - review the kanbans beforehand
  • Tentoo NMBRS ESS (employee self service) mobile app - to request leave, file expenses and see your payslips

Any of your new coworkers will be glad to help! <3

Useful tools

These are some tools some of us find helpful:

  • HackMD.io - for collaborating on draft documents in Markdown with people outside the organization (especially helpful for content we plan to publish)
  • Markdown Here - for formatting emails written using Markdown

Useful context